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A lot of people will spend more than half of their life at work. It is breathtaking to repeat the words – more than half of your life is spent at work. Hence without doubt this work space is something that has to go beyond just filling up space and writing up how many hours you are sitting behind a desk. It becomes a part of your life that will sometimes define a component of who you are. So making the decision to make it worthwhile and meaningful is a no brainer.

How about if you could work from anywhere in the world? What if you could discover the world and still contribute your skills and talents towards your life given purpose of work? Would that change your narrative of work?

I have found a lot of people struggle to create that balance between the private sphere and the public sphere. Most have established the notion that they have to create two different personas or draw lines between the work and private life to be successful at work-life balance. For some meaning their hobbies can’t be brought into the work place or their true identity and private life cannot be intertwined within work relations.

I have found that fluidity is necessary for more purposeful work. Fluidity means your true being is a flowing part of your work. It is exactly what makes you the best fit for the work you do. It is beyond just bringing your Personality to work – it´s engaging your whole being without separating your work & leisure personas – it means joining all your alter egos to make you the guru of your work. This – in essence is what the digital nomad lifestyle is all about – there is no separating your personas from your work. Your work evolves around your personas – it travels and plays with you at the same time.

When you finally find your fluidity – the phrase – work hard and play harder suddenly has a whole new meaning. Working with passion and purpose means engaging your full being without any barriers.

Check out our digital nomad travel escapades to see if these can help you shape work with passion & a purpose- where you can pack all your alter egos with you.

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