Choosing your next remote working destination

Whether you’re an experienced digital nomad or a newbie in the world of remote working, choosing your next destination will always be the most important thing on your list.


We know it’s tricky to choose from an entire world map – with so many exciting new places and cultures to see, live and learn from, it’s easy to overlook some essentials that will make your whole experience worthwhile.

To help you tick this task off your list, we’re sharing six valuable tips to help you choose your next remote working destination:

1. Choose a destination with a reliable internet connection;

This one is a no-brainer! If you make a living working remotely, a fast and reliable internet connection is your number one priority. WIFI is a must! Look for spaces powered by hi-speed internet – usually local internet cafes or coworking spaces.

2. Search for Coworking Spaces;

Besides having your WIFI secured, Coworking Spaces are a great way to make the best out of a ‘9-5’ work schedule. Besides, they’re great places to network and meet potential new clients and business partners. And to top it all off, they’re usually equipped with great coffee machines to help keep you going for as long as you need.

3. Take time zones into consideration;

This point is entirely up to your preferred work mode – you may like to work ahead so that your clients, partners, or home office can get your work in their inboxes before they start their day. But if you’re still figuring yourself out as a remote worker, take a moment to contemplate which time zones might suit you best. You’ll find it best to choose a destination that isn’t too far off from your stakeholders (when they’re active and online), so pick a time zone convenient for both ends. Again, think it through, unless you won’t mind kickstarting a meeting at 11:30pm.

4. Search for the right accommodation;

To be a successful remote worker, you need to be on the top of your game. So if you’re short-term traveling and need to check in on work every once in a while, crowded hostels might just work for you. However, if you’re travelling for an extended period of time, you’ll want a distraction-free environment where you can live and work productively. In this case, you might find that coliving and coworking spaces are probably your best option.

5. Check VISA requirements and your passport status;

Enforcement of VISA and passport policies vary from country to country and can even change while you travel.  From your documents expiration date to your proof of lodging, the items you may need when applying for a VISA vary from case to case. The best advice you can take from us is to check each embassy’s requirements while choosing your TOP destination.

6. Think about social life and leisure activities;

The more meaningful experiences you have and friends you meet along the way, the less homesick you’ll feel, that’s why mingling with locals plays a big part in the remote working experience. It might also be beneficial to look for cities that have an active community of digital nomads. And for your own sanity (because it’s not all about work), we recommend searching ahead for experiences and activities outside of work.


We See the future of remote work in Africa


You may think that some of these points aren’t a ‘make it or break it’ in your decision making and you’re probably right – these are just pointers that we find helpful.

In fact, you can even skip ahead some of the points mentioned above with ONE simple solution: the concept of co-living and co-working.


Freedom and flexibility at work may have sprouted independent professionals to travel with their laptops across the world, but working remotely alone is actually harder than it seems. By finding a community of like-minded people you’ll always be a step ahead, connecting and collaborating with a growing global community of inspiring professionals that are not only willing to share their office space but their whole experience abroad. That’s why there are numerous co-living & co-working spaces emerging across the world, reinventing the way people live and work.


So if you find yourself wondering about how it would be to explore the African continent, this is your chance to take the leap. Wisinomad is creating an exciting co-living, co-working and co-travelling program in the hottest tech hub in Africa: Nairobi, Kenya. This exciting new destination aims to take your remote working experience to the next level.


As remote workers ourselves, we know how important it is to pick the right destination. That’s why wisinomad designed an exclusive program that includes a premium co-living space with all the essential tools and amenities you need to start working and an exclusive itinerary of unforgettable Safari experiences and networking opportunities with local business tycoons.


We want to take your remote working experience a step higher by tailoring your experience along with 12 other inspiring professionals  – all carefully selected to make sure you all benefit from work, living, and hanging out together – also providing an outstanding set of activities that will allow you to establish meaningful connections with local communities and relevant stakeholders.


By choosing wisinomad you can relax by knowing that we’ve got you covered – from high speed internet to daily delicious meals, exclusive events at local tech hubs to networking opportunities tailored to you and an itinerary of jaw-dropping Safari experiences, you’ll be sure to make the best out of your remote working experience. So hurry up, the first wisinomad program starts July 29 2018 and will take place in Nairobi, Kenya.

Join wisinomad now and find your Tribe.

To apply and learn more visit

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