Wisinomad Founder’s Story




Francis Chiwunda’s upbringing in a large family with close knit connections; whose father championed a country upbringing despite the family being based in the city. School holidays in the countryside, herding livestock and enjoying nature have impacted his life mission.



The first in the wisinomad podcast series details how early formative experiences led to the vision to build a remote working community predicated on co-living. Borne out of the growing trend of professionals looking to work remotely, wisinomad seeks to make Africa the next destination.  And to start, Nairobi will be epicenter of wisinomad’s first co-living community.




Nairobi offers a vibrant, and upcoming tech scene which has seen the emergence of innovative software products like M-pesa. There exists a host of chances to interact with like-minded individuals tackling the next iteration of global challenges—both within the program and through various excursions arranged by wisinomad. All while getting the chance to explore one of Africa’s cosmopolitan cities, and the chance to go on some of the most storied nature experiences like safaris and hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro


Wisinomad is not just geared towards tech professionals, but to anyone whose work allows them to be remote. As Francis points out research has pointed towards a growing shift towards remote working with increased productivity as a result. As such institutions will find this experience to provide good returns. And as the podcast lays it out, individuals or companies in the social entrepreneurship space will find this offering compelling as they get to explore African economies (public and private sector )through curated and tailored events.

wisinomad is a chance to get the African experience while continuing with your work—premium facilities with a guaranteed high-speed internet connection so you never miss out on your deadlines. Moreover, you get to share ideas with a diverse group of individuals from all over the world. And through partnerships with local start-up incubators, wisinomad affords the chance to share your expertise with local innovators, and a chance for you to explore the African marketplace.

To learn more about wisinomad, visit www.wisinomad.com, and send in your application

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