Digital nomads learn from African nomadic tribes



You might be a digital nomad who has decided to explore new places, and new cultures while continuing with your work, or simply considering being a nomad. Or just the thought of working in Africa to pursue your research or look into investment opportunities in Africa intrigues you. wisinomad affords such experiences while allowing you to be connected to the increasingly virtual working world.

In fact, wisinomad is an iteration of African nomadic culture, which still persists to this day. With various distinct nomadic communities, all over the continent that retain most of the cultural rites, Africa could boast as being the prime destination for nomads (or, ironically, in this case home to nomads).

The San or Khoisan in Southern Africa count as the earliest inhabitants of that region.  Although they are now primarily found in the Kalahari Desert of Botswana, evidence of their hunter-gatherer ancestors is seen throughout southern Africa in cave paintings and numerous museums that have memorialised such rites. To this day, they traipse through the desert in search for sustenance, tracking wild animals or you can find them digging up tubers for water in the dry desert.

The Maasai, in East Africa, are pastoralist—keeping herds of livestock but moving from one pasture to another. They count central and southern Kenya, and northern Tanzania as home. But the diversity of nomadic culture within Africa is not restricted to these two tribes, as there are other nomadic tribes on the continent. The Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, and Bedouin of North Africa count as similar examples.


wisinomad draws from these resilient communities, and seeks to develop partnerships between digital nomads and these traditional nomadic groups. It is a chance to showcase different cultures and derive lessons to the betterment of both.


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