Maintaining a healthy life throughout your work-life


The term ‘work-life balance” is often bandied around, but one is left wondering what it means. After all we have our own preferences and that determines what the optimal dynamic is for anyone.

The term “work-life integration” may be more apt as it encompasses the interconnectedness of your work to how you spend your time outside it. The two are seldom two sides to a coin, but work in tandem.

Highly motivated individuals want to excel and will take on more responsibilities, and with it comes higher salaries and titles befitting. A somewhat vicious cycle which might rob you of time which would have otherwise been spent on the “life” component.

Here are a few wisinomad tips on how high-achievers can stay healthy and motivated.


  • Limit email after work hours:  While the urge to look up your email might be overpowering, take time to disengage. Leisure, family and friends require focus as well.


  • Take time off: We’ve grown accustomed to taking leave only when we are going away for that vacation or pressing engagement, but do take time off to reset. It is quite beneficial.


  • Flexible scheduling boosts morale: Develop some wiggle room in your scheduling to allow for relaxation and the odd errand that may come up.


  • Have some “me” time: A healthy amount of selfishness is a good thing.


  • Spend time with people: The more time spent with people, the happier you’ll be. Be it friends or bonding with a stranger over an activity you love.


  • Flexibility: Similar to #3 above, cherish flexibility, and utilize work-from-home options if you have them. It helps unwind and improves concentration.


Essentially  it’s all about time management! Did you notice? Which point on this list do you consider to be the most important to maintain a healthy work-life?


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