Living a mission driven life, doing things that matter.


We are all grappling with existential questions. About who we are, or want to be. But perhaps the most profound of these questions is about how we should interact with the world around us.


New generations are now more conscious of their environment and are making active measures to be positive net contributors to society and their environment.

Social entrepreneurs are finding ways to deliver value with an overarching mission to deliver value both in terms of impact and return on investments made.  But such a desire is driven by a decision to changing the world through purposeful and meaningful driven means. It is deliberate, and not by chance–but stems from the innate.


“Pursuing a bigger goal allows you to look beyond material benefits and help to lift you to greater heights.”


This is highlighted by the guests we’ve had on the wisinomad Dialogue Series, all of whom share a common trait–the  desire to see a better world around them.


They got in touch with their own humanity and sought to solve a problem in the world. Such an undertaking takes a life of its own, and gives meaning beyond just profit. The adoption of such a mission-driven life certainly extends beyond entrepreneurship.


Pursuing a bigger goal allows you to look beyond material benefits and help to lift you to greater heights. The desire to be a positive change should be embraced. Take time to find something that inspires you and find more information on it. It gives reason to live till the next paycheck.


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