Is Industry 4.0 relevant in Africa?



Although Africa may not be at an advanced stage when it comes to automation, industry 4.0 is a revolution. And by definition, revolutions eventually take over, so in short – it’s coming!


There are many branches of industry 4.0. Although some tend to be more inclined towards manufacturing, there is also a bigger part which speaks of digital services such as machine learning, internet of things and cloud computing.




Harness the digitalisation of services

Digitization can be broken down right up to the lowest level and reaching the ordinary man. This company in Rwanda is using digitalisation and industry 4.0 principles to add value to agriculture.

The above is such an examples which demonstrate the type of interest and impact wisinomad is aiming to achieve in Africa through international collaboration. Bringing together diverse minds and talent to tap into new and unique opportunities.


Use of Drone technology

The principles of industry 4.0 disrupt traditional ways of doing things. Machines are being used to substitute human labor and increase efficiency. Drone technology through companies like zipline is being used to save lives in Rwanda.


Operating machinery remotely

The ability to operate systems and equipment remotely opens up a lot of opportunities for linking services between base stations in developed countries to work stations in Africa. This can be done in agriculture, health or even education.




Connectivity and openness bring innovations

Industry 4.0 is mainly hinged on connected machines and systems. This whole concept brings forth innovation in society. Wherever there is connectedness, there is a good impact of industry 4.0. In this case, internet connectivity. This CNBC Africa talk  on industry 4.0 for emerging markets sheds light into this topic.


Breeding Cyber security threat

With interconnectedness comes huge risk of cyber security threats. Strong training on cyber security for African governments and corporations would help african countries navigate the cyber security risks which comes with industry 4.0. See Siemens Dialogues Episode  on south africa being ready for industry 4.0


Points to ponder on!


It’s funny how a continent of over a billion people has remained a mystery in some people’s minds.

Africa is often times perceived to be backward by some misinformed individuals. Some in powerful positions for that matter.

This in essence hinders full growth as it limits opportunities channeled towards the continent. It is therefore our duty to educate people and giving them exposure to state of industry in Africa. That is if the industry 4.0 opportunities are to be taken seriously on the continent.




Industry 4.0 is broad and is not only limited to manufacturing. Education, agriculture, health can be impacted by industry 4.0 principles. Watch this tedx on industry 4.0 for social impact

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