• Duration

    29 July 2018 – 27 August 2018

  • Location

    Athi River – County

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    Ranges from $990-$2700

Take advantage of an immersive accelerator and development program in Africa. We invite teams, corporates and educational programs to colive, cowork, develop and learn in an emerging market with incredible community experiences and wildlife retreats.

The future of work is Remote

Improve your employee engagement, productivity and loyalty, by offering work and travel experiences tailored to their lifestyles.
Millennials are highly motivated by job opportunities which give them the flexibility to work remotely. Giving individuals and teams the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally will add value to your workplace and business.  That’s why we offer businesses and universities the opportunity to discover new learning experiences without having to take a day off.

Growth opportunities

Africa has the highest rate of population growth in the world, and with increasing rural-urban migration comes the need to exponentially grow infrastructure and solutions to major challenges. This makes Africa an industry ripe for disruption both in the public and private sector.

Emerging markets

Our strong network and work experience in the African markets will help develop your team, giving it a better understanding of emerging markets. That’s why our fast track programs are specially designed to give participants first-hand knowledge of its social and economic realms.

Public private partnerships

Wisinomad collaborates with the highest levels of local governments and partners in the countries we operate in to organize truly unique experiences for young and senior professionals looking to deep dive in African markets.

Our immersion programs are specially designed to give participants the opportunity to engage and collaborate with local influencers, entrepreneurs, and key stakeholders both in the public and private sector so they can get a clear understanding of how to invest, explore, and grow in an emerging market.

Educational & Acceleration Programs

We host Educational programs and accelerators who need an immersive experience in African markets and communities. Get first hand and on the ground experience in research , technology or societies.

Accelerators who want to focus on emerging markets , be it in finance,technology or any sector  also get to fully understand African markets.