• Duration

    29 July 2018 – 27 August 2018

  • Location

    Athi River – County

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    Ranges from $990-2700

Fast track your mission to achieve large scale, systemic and sustainable social change with immersive learning and networking experiences with local entrepreneurs, markets and communities.

Wisinomad propels entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social change, connecting them with local visionaries to exchange ideas and create meaningful collaborations. That’s why our programs are filled with exclusive events and networking opportunities specially designed for social entrepreneurs.

Localizing products

At Wisinomad, we like to help social entrepreneurs connect deeply with the research and development of their products. That’s because we believe that tackling each challenge straight from the source is the best way to create effective change. We use our comprehension of local communities and networking connections to connect participants to the right people and opportunities.  

Access to services

Africa is a rich territory for any entrepreneur to explore, but it’s especially relevant for those who want to ‘change the making of making’ and who work hard to bring together business and social change. Without legacy infrastructure – as is the case with the developed world – technology is the driver for change. From mobile money and microfinance to off-grid solar power, emerging markets have been the stage for exponential technological growth. Untapped challenges such as access to electricity and water, financial services and mobility, education and health, as well as food security are eagerly awaiting solutions for social entrepreneurs to explore.

Agents of change

Sustainable change is largely supported by a sustainable business. As social entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to create financial return while working to improve society and the environment. That’s why we help participants to achieve large scale sustainable change together with local markets and communities, in order to create an ecosystem that caters for personal growth, business growth and community growth.

Women Empowerment

Despite some progress, gender equality remains unfinished business worldwide, and especially in Africa. But with African women now joining the global bandwagon of high female achievers in all industry sectors, we’re even more motivated to help address the social gender divide and create a world of equality for all.

Animal & Environmental Conservation

According to the UN, the world’s neglect of social issues could lead to the extinction of half of African birds and mammals by the end of 2100. That’s a sad figure to contemplate, but at wisinomad we believe that by bringing together talented professionals, relevant tools, and networking opportunities, we can make a fundamental change in the course of biodiversity and conservation and create a positive impact in the world.