Wisinomad is more than a work and travel program, it’s a community that brings together ambitious professionals to fast track their personal and business growth with the help of meaningful connections, exclusive local networking opportunities, and breathtaking adventures.


We have different accommodation types suitable for individuals and teams alike.  From dorm rooms to shared master suite as well as private master suite. All cleaned and maintained daily for a fresh stay.

24/7 Workspace and Wifi Access

High speed internet available anywhere in the house as well as a complementary Sim-card with 4G Internet, work desks & quiet workspace and well defined social areas.

Wellness & Fitness Program

Clear your mind and enjoy weekly wellness activities that include yoga, meditation and zumba classes, hiking and other outdoor activities.


Get inspired by the most mesmerizing experiences Africa has to offer with world-class safaris, vibrant jungle excursions, visits to local museums, marketplaces, cultural tours, and concerts. We design different adventures for each program, so make sure to opt in to enjoy these unforgettable experiences.

Local Meetups and Events

Daily talks and networking events connect you to local innovators, startups, industry leaders, markets, communities and entrepreneurs

Inspiring Community

Find the tribe that will make you ROAR by joining a community of like-minded professionals and a local network of entrepreneurs, innovators, key influencers, and markets.

Culture Tours

In order to understand communities , it’s always good to learn their culture. We do culture tours when we are not working – just to build a good connection with the people.


We take care of all transportation logistics through out. Pick-up and drop-off at the airport, safari excursion transport as well as visits and meetups in the city.


Power your day with cereal, juice and fruits available throughout the day. Focus on work while we take care of daily housekeeping, laundry and cleaning services.